Dental Implants
Dental Implants

Dental Implants and Your Overall Well Being 

Perhaps you had a tooth extracted because cracks or decay had damaged it beyond repair. Maybe you've lost all the teeth on your bottom arch to age and gum disease. Regardless of the cause of your tooth loss, replacing that missing dentition is vitally important to your overall well being. When you have missing teeth, you may feel too embarrassed to go out very often or engage in social activities. You may dislike the sunken, aged appearance that a lack of teeth causes around the lips and cheeks. You may be suffering from generally poor health since missing teeth mean that you can't enjoy a balanced, healthy, fiber-rich diet. While dentures and dental bridges can provide solutions for missing teeth, Dr. Hussong truly believes that the gold standard of tooth replacement is dental implants.

Why Dental Implants?

When you are missing teeth, dental implants can often be the most natural solution for regaining your comfort, confidence and smile. Dental implants have a long track record (50+ years) of providing excellent service when properly planned and maintained. Dental implants are made from surgical grade titanium which is inserted below the gum into the jaw bone to serve as the anchor for the replacement teeth. After the implant has been inserted into the jaw, it will need approximately 3-6 months to heal and integrate with the surrounding bone tissue before connecting the tooth. After a 3-6 month healing time, the replacement tooth or teeth will be constructed to fit on top of the dental implant.

Dental Implants with Your Tomahawk Dentist

Northern Wisconsin residents are fortunate enough to have a qualified and highly skilled dentist in Tomahawk who performs all phases of dental implant placement. Instead of driving to your dentist for an initial referral, over to an oral surgeon for planning and surgical placement, to the restorative dentist for restoration planning, design and placement, and back to your dentist for follow-up appointments, patients can have all parts of the procedure performed under one roof. Dr. Hussong can assess your case on an individual basis and, since he regularly uses multiple different dental implant systems, he is experienced and able to find a solution that works best for your needs.

Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

Before moving forward with dental implant placement, Dr. Hussong will perform a comprehensive diagnostic exam and assess your medical and dental health history. In general, patients need healthy jaw bone tissue to support dental implants although certain implant systems and auxiliary procedures, like bone grafting, can help people with compromised bone health still receive dental implants. When patients have healthy and adequate amounts of bone, implants can be started immediately. If there are areas that are lacking bone, auxiliary procedures to grow additional bone can be considered prior to placing implant.


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